Be Part of our Team!!


Could you lend a hand?

Could you lend a hand?


Join our team of volunteers

Ireland has a great tradition of volunteers, and many charities would be lost without their support.

  • Do you have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with a neurological condition?

  • Maybe you have an interest in neurology and would like to gain some immediate experience?

  • Perhaps you have spare time on your hands and would like to help us help others?

Whatever the reason, we would love you to be part of our team! Click below to sign up:



What would I do?

There is a variety of roles available, so hopefully you can find an opportunity that suits your interests and availability. Some options are:

  • hospitality – when we have therapy sessions, information evenings or social events, our hospitality volunteers are there to make our visitrs feel welcome, and to offer that all important cupán tae!

  • transport – we have a wheelchair accessible van available that can be used for medical appointments, shopping trips or simply a social outing.

  • beach programme – something so simple as a walk on the beach is often out of reach for someone with mobility issues. With your help they can reach the beach in our all-terrain wheelchair.

  • events – fund-raising or awareness events couldn’t happen without volunteers. Whether it’s manning an information stand, stewarding an event or helping with a street collection, our volunteers are invaluable.

  • gardening – if you have green fingers you would be very welcome! We have done some work on our garden, but would like to develop it more to make it a restful and pleasant area for our visitors to relax.

  • befriending – many people with neurological conditions live alone, and mobility issues can increase their isolation.

  • marketing / social media – by something as simple as following us on social media, and liking / sharing our posts, you can bring awareness of our services to those who need them.

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Support and training

In order for you to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience as a volunteer, we will provide whatever support and training is needed for your role.

Our Volunteer Policy and Code of Conduct will provide guidance on how best to fulfil your role for the Neurology Support Centre.

You can talk to our Volunteer Co-ordinator at any time if you are unclear or unhappy about any aspect of your activities. We also have a complaints procedure in place in the unlikely event that we can’t resolve any issues with a face-to-face discussion.

We really hope that by volunteering with the Neurology Support Centre, you really feel that you are making a difference. We will never ask you to do anything you are uncomfortable with and will always support you with whatever assistance or advice we can.

Volunteering can provide a really meaningful and worthwhile aspect to your life, and we look forward to connecting with you as soon as we can.